Show your support for Novella by displaying her official campaign poster in your window or on your wall. We make it easy! Just download the PDF file from the link below, and print it on your color inkjet printer.

Be sure to check out her radio ads, downloadable in MP3 or Windows Media formats. MP3 files can be used in your iPod.

Speaking of those gadgets, there's an iPod version of her nationally distributed HIV/AIDS public service announcement at this link. You'll also find Windows Media and Quicktime versions there as well, which you can view online if you have DSL or RoadRunner.

Official Campaign Poster

How to Print: Adobe Reader 6 of later will be required (get it here for free). The first link is for a version optimized to print up to 11x17". Your home printer is probably only letter size, but don't worry: Just select "Page scaling: Fit to printer margins" (in Adobe Reader) when you print it. Or take it to Kinko's, OfficeMax or your favorite print shop.

Download 11x17" version. (Adobe PDF file, 229 KB.)

Much larger "A1" (24x36") version. (Adobe PDF file, 1.90 MB.) Don't download it unless you have the full Acrobat Professional or a large format printer.

You can go to Shop Novella and purchase a 23x35" poster for only $17.99 plus shipping.

iPod-ready video of Novella's PSA

Do you have one of those iPods that play videos? We have made a version of Novella's famous HIV/AIDS public service announcement that you can download and share with your friends. Quicktime and Windows Media versions also available. Click here to learn the how the PSA was made; look for the download link at the bottom of the page.

Novella's radio spots

Between now and the election, a number of radio spots will be aired on WDIA-1070AM and other local stations. In case you don't listen to these stations, we've posted the audio of the ads at this link.