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Friday, August 04, 2006

Thank you

We didn’t win, but we feel good anyway. We got some thoughts and issues out there and hopefully the new Commission will consider them. We kept it clean and positive – and so did my opponent. It was a great experience, and it may not be my last foray into politics.

I want to thank all of the people who gave me their love, support, and hard work, including:

My campaign co-chair and advisor Raymond Bursi, who gave me tons of good advice, not all of which I followed (!), and then worked his heart out election day, running from poll site to poll site with water and supplies.

My dear old friend and advisor Tom Jones, a kind man with a huge heart, unending love for our County and City, and an encyclopedic understanding of governmental affairs. Visit the blog at Smart City Memphis and learn, learn, learn!

Paula Casey for all her help and being my sounding board.

Roberta Henderson for single-handedly running our GOTV phone bank and then coming out in this sweltering heat to work the polls at Fire Station #1.

Sue A. Williams for more phone-banking, poll-manning, sign-placing…and her constant love and support.

Urania L.A. Alissandratos and Monty Robinson for their campaign wisdom.

Nino and Charles Shipp for hosting a fund-raiser for me.

Happy Jones, Jocie Wurzburg, and Paula Casey for their slate endorsement and fundraiser.

Heidi Shafer for her love and advice - and George Flinn for sharing her with us.

My “children” and "grandchildren," who manned the polls in the sweltering sun,
Mary Logan Jones
Lonnie Jones
Liba Williams
Alonzo (“Darrius”)
And newly adopted Jasmine

My “son” Joey Williams for all his love and support over the years.

My daughter Monique Smith for more things than I can ever count.

Sam Zambelis and the Bon-Ton crew for putting together that wonderful election-night party.

All of you who found your way out to the Bon-Ton to join our party!

The Rev. Andy Macbeth for being such a good sport when I had to take a leave of absence from Calvary.

Everyone who donated so generously (and sometimes repeatedly).

And my husband “King Geek” for developing the website, creating all the campaign graphics, writing commercials, serving as treasurer, and many other odds and ends.