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Friday, July 14, 2006

Take advantage of early voting

Novella urges you to take advantage of early voting.

This is the largest ballot in Shelby County history, with over 300 candidates in over 140 positions county-wide. New electronic voting machines are being used. Depending on your precinct, the entire ballot could span as many as 23 screens (pages). On August 3rd, lines could be very long.

There are advantages to you as well. During early voting you can vote in any of the 18 locations, regardless of your actual precinct. If you have changed your address since you last voted, you can change your registration on the spot and vote in your new precinct.

Be sure to bring ID showing your name, your current address, and your signature. For address, it might be a current utility bill. Photo ID is not required.

Click here for a map of District 2 showing the early voting locations within the district. (Adobe PDF file)

Click here to go to the Election Commission's Web site for more information. (Opens in separate window.)